Welcome to Old Dairy Pastures

We have recently expanded our Additions shop to have more of a farm shop kind of feel, and welcome on board Marian Whittaker who has been making produce from her Old Dairy Pastures smallholding in Harpenden for many years. Marian and her husband have a small menagerie of sheep and chickens, aswell as a mature orchard, and fruit and vegetable gardens. She can often be seen around the property defending their crops from pests big and small using anything from nets to a pair of tweezers, but without using any pesticides or other chemicals to ensure her produce is a “clean” as it can be.

Often seen at Harpenden farmers market selling her preserves, apple juice and other produce, we first met Marian at the Herts County show, and we hoped (subject to a successful growing season) we would be able to offer some of her produce later in the year. Luckily, she did and we can – her Ashmead’s Kernel apples will be going in the boxes over the next few weeks. A deliciously fragrant Russet style apple, with the signature raspy skin, but a crisp and juicy flesh, this variety is never seen in supermarkets, and makes for an interesting addition to the boxes.

Her honey is produced traditionally and the bees feed off the fruit blossoms in the orchard, in turn pollinating the flowers. It has a lovely fragrant honey, a real treat on toast or drizzled over cereal or yogurt.

Her jams and preserves have been tried and tested and the recipes speak for themselves with many repeat customers from the market. Have a look at what’s on offer now, and add a little something to your box this week. Shop