Watercress beds in the heart of Herts

The Nine Wells watercress beds have been farmed out of Whitwell (near Kimpton) by the Sansoms for over 200 years. Today Thelma and husband Ron run the beds, supplied by crystal clear spring water by nine artesian wells drawing water up from the chalk beds below. Not much has changed in terms of production in the last couple of hundred years with watercress still seeded and harvested by hand (so no tangle of mechanically retrieved bruised leaves here).

Thelma runs a small farm shop for the villagers, to sell her watercress, supplemented by other vegetables she grows as well as produce from the surrounding farms. They also attend various farmers markets in the area.

Watercress is in season twice a year with breaks at Christmas and the height of summer but we try to feature in the boxes when available.

Box Local – the local produce delivery service for St Albans. Bringing the farm shop to your door