Tomatoes from the heart of St Albans

Organic tomatoes

One of the first suppliers to come on board with us at Box Local was Smallford Nurseries or Canatella & Colletti, who have grown various salad veg in and around Hertfordshire for three generations. Starting from humble beginnings in the fifties, these two families brought their knowledge of growing vegetables the Italian way from Sicily to the fertile soils of the Lea Valley.

They bought their St Albans site at Smallford in 1977 and their families have continued the tradition of imparting locally grown tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers with their Mediterranean attitude. The two families have developed their greenhouses to be the most efficient combination of tradition and technology to protect both their produce and the environment. The plants are naturally pollinated using their own bees, and natural predators are used removing the need for pesticides, with solar screening, CO² recycling and heat exchange all part of the day to day running of the nursery. They have been supplying vegetables nationwide for many years, but for the first time, their produce will be available every week throughout the growing season to customers on their doorstep. It doesn’t get more local than this.


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