Sunny side up please!

We source our free-range eggs from the local college at Oaklands, who’s students care for the hens as part of their course. You may have seen the students on St Albans’ Wednesday market where they gain valuable life skills selling their own eggs directly to the public. We are pleased to be able to support them in their endeavours (and lucky to have such a local supplier of great eggs!)

Their hens have a lovely existence with freedom to roam around large pens, scratching around in natural dust baths and looking for grubs during the day, and in safe comfortable barns at night. The eggs come in all sizes from medium to very large as they are not commercially graded for size, and they have brilliant yellow yolks packed with flavour.

When the school is on holiday, and during the winter months when we can’t guarantee eggs from them, so we also use Franklins free -range farm in Thorncote Green

To buy some of their eggs visit our shop  and add them to your box. You can now have eggs delivered as a regular order either weekly or fortnightly.

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