Courgettes – summer is here

We have finally hit courgette season, after a very unseasonal crisis earlier in the year, when supermarkets were rationing foreign imports after a brutally wet winter. Now they are here, they come thick and fast until the end of their short season in August.

Obviously first stop is to have them as a side dish, I like to chunk them and roast them coated with a little bit of whatever salad dressing I have on the go, adding a bit of mint or basil at the end depending on the dish they are accompanying. They will need about 20 mins at 190°C

I’m not a huge fan of soup in the summer but courgette seems to be the exception, as always with me there is no need for an exact recipe but, a quarter of an onion and a cup of veg per portion with “some” stock usually does the trick. I usually mix the courgette with potato and often add whatever cheese I have whether it be soft cheese, cheddar or the punchy Wobbly Bottom goat’s cheese we offer in our boxes.This soup freezes well (I would freeze without cheese and leave yourself a note to add when serving) so you can squirrel away your glut for another less bountiful time)

Courgettes work well in salad too, either use chargrilled ribbons or chop the outer flesh (no seeds) into small cubes and mix with chopped tomato flesh (again no seeds) and your favourite dressings and herbs.

I have won prizes for my courgette cake (ok, one prize in the office bake off competition…and they had to make a special category for it) it’s certainly not a looker so I won’t go on about it too much. Suffice to say the recipe is much like any carrot cake, but using limes instead of orange…

Our roasted veg orzotti would work well with courgettes, and our courgetti carbonara is also a great way to make this carb heavy (but delicious) dish a little lighter.

A quick and easy starter – Courgette Bhajis (leave out the curry powder for regular fritters)

  • 1tbsp gram flour
  • 1 medium courgette grated and liquid squeezed out
  • 1 shredded spring onion (optional)
  • 1 tsp curry powder

Mix all ingredients together and wait a few minutes for the flour to form a batter. Fry on spoonfuls in a mediium hot pan until both sides are golden.