Seasons they are a changing

Out and about

With the wettest and warmest winter recorded in a very long while behind us, what does this mean for our local vegetable crops? The weather has a huge impact on what we can grow and when it is ready, as our favourite grower is all to aware of. But is it all good news for the consumer? Does it matter that your purple sprouting broccoli was eaten in October instead of February?  Well perhaps not to Box Local customers, who are looking for seasonal produce, but most growers tied into supermarket contracts would have had no outlet for these unseasonal goods.

The rule book is out of the window with vegetables that need a hard frost to trigger growth well behind schedule, and some failing altogether because of the waterlogged ground, 2016 is set to be a tricky one for the UK farmer. You can help by buying locally and seasonally so that what is fresh and ready gets eaten rather than thrown away. Buy local. Box Local.

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