Pork medallions with mushrooms


Pork fillet (or tenderloin) is gaining in popularity. More succulent (I think) than chicken fillet and pretty darned lean, it makes a quick and tasty supper, especially when cut into medallions. This dish is really simple (and quick) to make and lets the tender pork shine. We run pork tenderloin in our Box Local free-range meats box pretty frequently – check them out here

Serves 2

  • 280g pork tenderloin, (cut into 1.5cm rounds)
  • 200g mushrooms (chopped)
  • Thyme (small bunch)
  • Parsley (a handful)
  • 25ml Balsamic vinegar
  • 100ml stock (1/2 pot)
  • 1 Tbsb creme fraiche (full fat will work best)
  • 300g potatoes scrubbed and cubed
  1. Preheat oven (and a roasting tin) to 190°c
  2. Toss the potato chunks in a tbsp oil and season well, adding half the thyme leaves. Add to the warmed roasting tray and roast for 25 minutes, scraping to turn over half way through.
  3. Heat a knob of butter and some oil (equal amounts) in a frying pan
  4. Season your pork medallions and fry for 3-4 minutes each side without moving them (apart from to turn once) until they have a lovely brown crust.
  5. Remove to a plate and add your chopped mushrooms to the pan (you may need a little more butter)
  6. Again don’t move the mushrooms round too much so they get a nice brown crust on them as they soak up the pork and butter juices.
  7. When the mushrooms have finished releasing their juices and that has evaporated (about 5-7 minutes), add the Balsamic vinegar and stir until it has evaporated.
  8. Then add the stock and bubble half of it away
  9. Add your creme fraiche and thyme and mix into the sauce
  10. Add your pork back into the mix and any juices, and briefly bring back to a bubble.
  11. Add parsley to the pork and serve with potatoes.
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