Parsnip top tips

parsnip recipe

Parsnips don’t need much introduction but sometimes might need a bit of a refresh in terms of what you do with them. Roasted parsnips are a favourite in our house to accompany a Sunday roast, but even this method can be reinvented to spice up a midweek dinner. Add a little turmeric and cumin to the oil before you cook and a little honey for the last few minutes to create a great side for a curry.

Some of our recipe use parsnips to partly replace potato both to add flavour and mix up the nutrients such as our shepherd’s pie, and rosti

Like their orange cousins the carrot, parsnips are also great raw. Shave ribbons of both with a veg peeler and dress with your favourite herb dressing for a brilliant crunchy side.

Parsnip doesn’t have to be a side and can take centre stage though, our parsnip pilaf is a real treat for meat free Monday, as is the sauteed root vegetable risotto.

As any fan of clean eating will tell you, spiralised parsnip is a great way of cutting out refined wheat pasta in any of your favourite dishes. The recent lack of imported courgettes might have boosted parsnip sales for this very reason! You don’t need a fancy gadget, just use a coarse grater and grate the peeled parsnip down its length, then fry the “noodles” for a couple of minutes before adding your favourite sauce. If you love your carbs, you can still do this, just reduce your pasta by a similar amount to the parsnip added.