Local seasonal produce

We will always source seasonal produce from as near to St Albans as possible, this means that it is as fresh as it can be when it gets to you, often having been picked the day before your delivery. Obviously, the climate in and around Hertfordshire does not support the range of produce you may be used to seeing in the supermarket all year round, so how do we accommodate for that with regular deliveries?

Our regular seasonal boxes will always contain ten different options with one or two being fruit. Our boxes change gradually with the seasons, with new items added when they become available as the season for others finishes. We have not, as yet had to have the same offer two weeks in a row, and have only brought in a couple of items from outside the surrounding counties. You will find most items we offer familiar as they are traditionally grown in the UK.

Our tomato growing partners have sister glasshouses in Europe, and we have occasionally featured their tomatoes in the winter months, and we do rely on Cornish potatoes at the start of the growing season. We guarantee never to bring you air freighted crops if we ever do this.

Free range meats from Brookfield Farm

The veg men of Bromham

Organic tomatoes

Tomatoes from the heart of St Albans

Say cheese to our local suppliers

Franklins free-range

old dairy pastures preserves

Box Local meat box

oaklands college - free range eggs

Whitwell Watercress beds

Family businesses who care

We have linked up with smaller, family local producers, their vegetables and fruit are all grown for taste rather than for supermarket visual standards. You may not, therefore recognise some items, such as spinach, which is rarely seen in it’s fully grown form in a supermarket, despite its great flavour and its ability to retain form when cooked.

All of our meat is free-range and produced without the use of antibiotics or hormonal growth promoters, meaning it grows at a natural rate taking on flavour as it does so, and isn’t padded out with water like many supermarket cuts.

Our local producers don’t rely on big contracts, under great financial pressure to produce at a prohibitive cost but deal much more closely with the public, and rely on their good opinion so have a great investment in producing top notch produce.

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