Our butcher at Brookfield farm

Most of our meat comes from local butcher Eileen and Barbara Wolfe an amazing mother and daughter team based in Aston, Hertfordshire. They have raised pigs and cattle for three generations in the area, and opened up their butcher’s shop at the farm when they got tired of waving off their well cared for animals for other people to eat!

They don’t use any growth promoters or hormones in their animal feed ensuring the animals grow slowly at their own pace, making the end product all the richer and better for you.

Their prized herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows graze throughout the summer and the family grow their own hay and silage for the winter months. The meat is hung for a minimum of 21 days to achieve an enhanced tenderness and depth to the flavour.

Eileen’s Welsh and Large White pigs are free to muck about on the farm all year in sociable groups, and aswell as being able to wallow around in mud, they have access to warm dry sheds. They are brought indoors to farrow (or have their piglets) in large well kept sheds. Their high health status and the care put into their welfare makes their meat beautifully succulent – Barbara and her team arguably make the best sausages in Hertfordshire.

The lambs are allowed to mature and develop naturally, while grazing out of doors on the best grass. They not fed any growth promoters, hormones or antibiotics and are are allowed to grow at their own pace and exercise at will, resulting in healthy animals which are nicely but not excessively fatted, and are always hung for a good ten days.

Barbara at Brookfield farm butchers

Barbara, who runs the butchery at Brookfield farm,

with a selection of their fabulous sausages








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