How our local produce boxes work

Our boxes are simple to choose and are built around a selection of local, seasonal fruit and vegetables, or free-range meats which are customisable by excluding products you don’t like at checkout (or by email at any time).

We publish our weekly offer on our website so you can check what’s in season and coming your way. Left is a picture of a Seasonal Fruit and veg box (for 2 people) why don’t you try a box and see how it suits you?  You can cancel or amend your box at any time.

If you order a regular meat box, you will receive 3 types of locally reared meat in portions to suit your selected family size. These items are quicker cooking selections, suitable for cooking from scratch on a weeknight.

Our meals

All our meals use locally sourced free-range and grass-fed meat, dairy and eggs. We also make the most of the seasonal vegetables that are available. The majority can be cooked in half an hour or less and our recipe cards make it easy for you to put together a tasty and interesting meal in next to no time. If a key ingredient for the meal is on your “never” list we will replace the item (or the meal) with a suitable alternative. Have a look at some of our recent recipes to give you an idea of what you might see.

Most of our meals are naturally gluten-free, but if this is a requirement please check the box during checkout and we will replace any ingredients containing gluten for you. For more information on allergies and allergens used please refer to our Allergies page. We do not recommend our meal kits for people with nut allergies.


We have two payment options, you can pay with your credit or debit card via Stripe or via PayPal. In both instances, sensitive card data is held in the payment gateway’s secure servers for future payments. If you wish to add more than one subscription to your order (eg you want a regular veg box and a dozen eggs every week) you will be required to use the Stripe option as PayPal won’t allow multiple subscriptions. If you wish to have a fortnightly box, we recommend the Stripe option also as this allows you more flexibility if you should wish to have a delivery holiday in the future. Our site is fully secured with a current SSL certificate as you can see by the padlock and Secure sign in your browser.

Recurring payments are taken each week on a Monday after the noon deadline when the orders are finalised with our suppliers, so if you change your mind about your next delivery make sure to suspend or cancel the order with us (via My Account) so no further payments are taken. If you suspend your account you will need to reinstate it (before the appropriate Monday noon cut off) in order to receive another box.

You can use the following cards via Stripe

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