Get the best from your veg

No one likes to throw money away and lets face it, we can all do with less time spent shopping for groceries, but why are we still throwing away so much food?

Some if it has to do with how the food is stored in our homes. We want you to make use of everything in your Box Local box each week so here are some top tips to get the best from your veg.

Meal plans

Not everyone gets on with meal planning, but if you are a list lover then this is probably the way forward for you. When your box arrives, have a think about what wants using first and what can keep until later in the week. Think about meals you can use your soft leafy veg like spinach and salad leaves, mushrooms and soft fruit like strawberries (although in our experience getting through those is no problem at all…)

Keep it fresh

Not all veggies respond well to the same treatment.

Remember any roots with leaves attached will keep better with the leaves removed, such as carrots, radishes and beetroot. You can cook with the leaves or use them in salads and dressings or even feed the leaves to your rabbit or guinea pig.

If your carrots or radish are looking a bit limp, don’t throw them away…. a quick soak in a bowl of cold water will replenish lost liquid and get them back to their crunchy best

Some can be kept a bit like fresh cut flowers, water in a glass, and usually a bag over the top to protect the leafy bits. This applies to asparagus, salad onions, celery and herbs.

Divide and conquer

Some items increase the rate of ripening of other nearby items – you may have heard of bananas doing this but did you know …. ripe avocadoes, peaches and apples all do this to some degree. You can use this to your advantage by helping to ripen stubborn veg by sitting it in a paper bag with a prime offender.

Wash in haste repent at leisure

Did you know washing hastens the spoiling of many veg – so while we do advise you to thoroughly wash all our fruit and veg, only do so when you are about to cook or eat them.

Chill out

Lots of items will last longer in your fridge (the best place being the chiller drawers at the bottom), but did you know onions and potatoes taste better when stored in a cool dark place? Squash, pumpkin, tomatoes and basil all prefer being a bit warmer too. The difference in taste between a cold tomato and a room temperature tomato is quite a thing to behold. You can keep larger quantitys in the fridge to prolong their life and lift out a few each day to eat later.