We are a small firm based locally and are often on the road sourcing, collecting and distributing our great fresh produce. We will always get back to you as soon as we can however you get in touch but please bear in mind it may not be immediately while we have such a small team.

If you have any feedback about our website or products or even ideas for products we could add to our boxes, please get in touch!

Get in touch

Contact us by phone 07939 260980

By email at enquiries@boxlocalfood.co.uk


Frequently asked questions

We haven’t been going long so we will add to this list as you ask them…

  • Q. Why do I need to set up a weekly delivery?
  • A. In order to facilitate a regular delivery as an option we have to offer this to everyone. It is very easy to pause the delivery and this can be switched on and off at the touch of a button when you decide you want to resume or pause again.
  • Q. What exactly is in the box?
  • A. We publish this week’s box contents here. We may occasionally have to make a last minute change to the boxes to ensure you get the freshest produce but we do keep this to a minimum and will communicate this to you.
  • Q. I don’t like certain vegetables, what do I do?
  • A. We need to keep the packages simple to offer value for money and ensure we send out the best seasonal produce. However there are any veg that you don’t like, email us and we will replace them in your next delivery. We will endeavour to give you something different, but this may mean more of a veg that already features in your box.
  • Q. What size of box do I need?
  • A. Everyone’s consumption is different, we ensure there is a variety of vegetables and each is enough to accompany one or two main meals. The produce is all super fresh and so tends to have a longer shelf life than supermarket produce so perhaps order a small box and see how you get on.
  • Q. I don’t have a Paypal account, how do I pay?
  • A. Paypal works as a payment gateway for credit and debit cards aswell as Paypal account holders. All our boxes are set up initially as a weekly transaction, for which you will need to set up a Paypal account (this is as easy as setting up a one off payment) The transaction happens on their secure site for your protection.
  • Q. I am going on holiday and want to pause my regular delivery
  • A. No problem, either go into your account and select pause deliveries or just drop us a line with the dates you don’t want a delivery and we will pause your deliveries for you.
  • Q. I want to change my regular box, what do I do?
  • A. Just go into your account and cancel your regular delivery, then go to the farm shop area of the website and order the box you would like to start receiving.
  • Q. I am trying to check out but the are no shipping options so I can’t proceed.
  • A. The postcode entered is not currently covered by our deliveries. Send us an email if you are just outside our area we may still be able to help.



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