Why Box Local?

Box Local was formed when I realised that I wanted to buy local produce more seasonally but I didn’t know where to start.  As a working mum, I didn’t have time to trawl over to one farm shop for beef, and another for veggies, with one monthly trip to the local farmer’s market just not a practical option. The delivery box scheme alternatives weren’t what I was looking for either, with produce seeming to come from an unspecified distance that I just wasn’t happy with. This to me seemed to negate their green credentials somewhat.

Fresh Produce

The solution was clear, team up with local producers and deliver their food directly to people like me. Not just any old veg box, but the freshest around.

The local area has many hidden farmers and growers, having long been seen as “London’s Allotment”,  so I set about rooting them out and persuading them to work with me! Our closest supplier is in Smallford, and the majority of products are from within Hertfordshire and South Bedfordshire. Goods are collected together and distributed within 24 hours.

Cost effective deliveries

I think we would all like to support local businesses if we could, but it has to fit in with our lifestyle, and more importantly our budget.

The farmer’s markets of today have made people think that local shopping needs to be expensive and it really doesn’t. A typical veg box comes in at the same price as the equivalent at Sainsbury’s and 7% cheaper than Waitrose (at the time of writing), with our 21 day matured Aberdeen Angus steaks a match for Waitrose. With transparent pricing there are no surprises at the checkout, or adjustments after we deliver. We deliver portions of meat rather than an arbitrary amount, so you know how many meals you are getting, and there is less chance of waste.

Convenient service

Busy lives mean it’s easy to fall back on the supermarket’s often underwhelming offer. You don’t need to worry about what you will cook for dinner after a hard day’s work, simply stock up your spice rack, set up a Box Local box and wait for it to be delivered and you will be spoilt for choice.

Better for the Environment  

For a long time I have tried to live in a way that has the least impact on the environment, but it seems like modern life doesn’t truly allow us to do that. By shopping locally we can at least lower the number of miles our food has travelled, and our commitment to limiting packaging will also help to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of resources taken to bring food to our tables.  We are committed to working with producers using traditional, low impact methods, meaning products are better for us and the environment.

Juliet Foxwell

Founder of Box Local – 2016

Meet the producers

Free range meats from Brookfield Farm

The veg men of Bromham

Organic tomatoes

Tomatoes from the heart of St Albans

Say cheese to our local suppliers

Franklins free-range

old dairy pastures preserves

Box Local meat box

oaklands college - free range eggs

Whitwell Watercress beds