Local produce

Better for you

…because it’s fresher. In many cases our veg is picked the day before your delivery, in local fields and nurseries. By getting your veg delivered in a weekly box with hints and tips for cooking, you will always have something delicious to hand to get your recommended 5 a day. Our meat is all free-range and grass-fed, meaning no harmful hormones or antibiotics are present in the meat you eat.

Local produce

Better for the local economy

…because you are supporting local producers, and by cutting out much of the supply chain we can give them a realistic price for their produce that helps to support their families and employees.

Low carbon footprint

Better for the environment

…because in getting to your door it has travelled less food miles, and has significantly less packaging than buying from the supermarkets. Take a look at the origins of your favourite veg next time you are in the supermarket. You might be surprised that vegetables you think of as British are being shipped in from as far as Peru or Madagascar and by air in many cases.

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